Tax Information

I've been asked to repeat the tax information for those who itemize.

Lunches: $30 is $8.25,
$60 is $37.

Dues - $40.00, 100% as this all goes to Scholarships

Silent Auctions and Raffles that you win - zip (you received something in return)

Donations to monthly charities are 100% tax deductible ( must retain receipt )

If you track mileage for your volunteer work, that is deductible $00.14/ mile

Donations of food for events is 100% deductible (again, keep the receipt).

If you are a service provider, you may deduct only the cost of the food/supplies. Not the service.

Donations of "in-kind" gifts such as books/handbags etc. The value here is up to the donor to establish. The PAWC may only acknowledge an actual value in dollars although we may provide a Thank You letter for in-kind gifts for tax filing purposes. (Note: receipts are passed out at the Book Sale in March for those donations)

Hope you find this useful.

Happy filing.

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